Why we love the Kilner jar
Why we love the Kilner jar
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At Homemaker, we have a passion for the enduring and are always on the lookout for timeless products. Anything with a history of good quality production and a strong reputation is sure to catch our eye anyway. It might mean paying a little bit more than a supermarket equivalent, but like all investments, that little bit extra often goes a long way – especially if used regularly.

Our pick of the moment is the Kilner jar. The original jar was invented in the 1840’s, so with 150 years of age behind it, you could say it’s stood the test of time.

Despite enjoying commercial success, the Kilner family were forced into bankruptcy in 1937 due to the cheap imitations quickly produced by other glass manufacturers. They sold the patents and trademarks at the time, and in 2000 The Rayware Group purchased the design, patent and trademark – and are kindly obeying the original Kilner principles!

‘Successfully preserving the nation’s fruit and vegetables’ as the slogan goes, the Kilner jars are ideal for keeping fruit and veg fresh – but also a great way of preserving jams! In fact, the Kilner jar was ground-breaking at the time for offering a safe and reliable method of preserving jams and conserves. With the recent resurgence of pickling and conserving, they’re certainly enjoying the success – and keen to encourage us Brits to get growing!

If you visit the Kilner website you can view their free recipes – now there’s something for nothing! Choose from jams, pickles, jellys, chutneys, sauces, ketchups and more (diabetic options too) and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the preserves. Recently updated with a rubberised metal top, it’s better than ever. ¬†For more information, visit www.kilnerjar.co.uk and get harvesting!