Trend of the week: granny-chic
Trend of the week: granny-chic
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At what stage did the ‘granny look’ do a complete U-turn and start off a trend in its own right? We can’t put our finger on it – but we don’t mind! In fact, we’re pretty glad it’s here and hopefully for the long haul too.

There are endless ways with the trend! Whether you commit with full-on floral wallpaper, furniture and accessories or take a few key pieces and opt for a more modern approach, there are plenty of ways that you can secure granny chic – just make sure you don’t go too overboard…

Here are some of our tips:

*   Use soft furnishings like pillows, throws and blankets
*   Shop for vintage items at charity shops and boot sales, which have pretty designs – the trend also incorporates the ‘make do and mend’ idea, rather than sparkling new homewares
*   Showcase any treasured black and white photos
*   Don’t feel restricted to pale colours; opt for floral in brighter or darker colours
*   Think of typical ‘granny’ pastimes; afternoon tea and patchwork for instance, and incorporate into your home.
*   Don’t confuse the trend with ‘shabby chic’, which uses mostly light, pastel shades and distressed wares.
*   Think botanical, and mismatched; busy designs against each other
*   Keep ornaments, trinkets and crockery on display

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