Learn about the online craft fair helping homemakers all over the world

Given the current economic climate, it’s harder than ever to turn your crafting (or any) hobby into a successful business. So we were impressed when we heard about Sara Upstell; theatre nurse, mother of two and also, founder of the world’s largest craft fair with sellers from all over the world. We had a chat with Sara to […]

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For all your crafty must-haves and essentials, head to e-crafts.co.uk

We’ve lost count of how many times we go to start a crafty endeavour and two stitches in realise we’re missing a vital component to our project. It’s at moments like this that we often think to ourselves, how much easier would life be if there was a simple, one-stop place to buy our essentials from […]

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15% off all orders at loveknitting.com with our discount code
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In April 2012, a small team from London decided to create the best online knitting store they possibly could. Two years later, with hard work, an expanding team and a passion for their craft and customers, we would say they have achieved their mission. Their website, loveknitting.com, offers a huge range of knitting material, from […]

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Set up your own virtual store in minutes with Tictail
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If you’ve always dreamed of turning your kitchen table hobby into a viable business, then click over to Tictail. Tictail is an innovative, free-to-use, DIY e-commerce platform that allows individuals and retailers to set up their own virtual store in a matter of minutes. Created by Swedish entrepreneur Carl Waldekranz and co-founders Kaj Drobin, Birk Nilson, and […]

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