For the love of pooches
For the love of pooches
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It’s the year of the animal motif! Officially. We’ve seen woodland creatures, we’ve seen birds, and now the latest craze is dogs! As a nation of animal lovers, it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Whether it’s a t-shirt print with a bulldog wearing a snap-back, or a darling dachshund mug, these cute designs don’t get boring! Not to mention that the patterns don’t have to look silly or informal – just take a look at the Radley brand, for instance!

We kinda hope the trend is here to stay as well! We’re big fans of Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs – a heart-wrenching documentary detailing the uplifting and heart-breaking stories that homeless pups face at Battersea dogs.

We’re happy to adorn anything with a little sausage dog, terrier, or Labrador peeping up at us. Dogs are for life after all!

Here’s our pick of waggy home accessories!

Sophie Allport:
Cuckoo Land:
Jan Constantine:
Oscar and Eve:
The Stylish Dog Company:
The Great Gift Company: