Giveaway: Swarovski crystals

Here in the craft offices we’re like magpies for a bit of sparkle, so when these beautiful Swarovski star (28mm) and snowflake (30mm) crystals arrived at Homemaker HQ, the chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ could be heard throughout the building. With a brilliant shine and delicate shapes, these stunning crystals can be used to make any [...]

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We love Willow and Hall’s new range of footstools, ottomans and blanket boxes
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We already know furniture company Willow and Hall for a few key things. The fact that all their furniture is handmade and all the components (cushion fillings, feet etc.) are carefully handpicked. The fact that they are dedicated to offering their customers beautiful products for reasonable prices. And finally, that they have an extensive range [...]

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